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Appointment management for your small business

Any small business strives to have bookings as they generate the revenue, but, there is a vital step before that which needs to be given the same amount of importance and that is the need to make appointments and manage the same. Appointments are vital to the growth of new business relations and a great way for the expansion of the business.

As a small business owner, you’re already aware of the steady migration of common urban services to the smartphone. This includes Beauty, Salon Services, Doctors, Cabs and more. Booking an appointment is an easy way of managing your customers and many are already well-versed with it.

Earlier people used to wait for hours and hours in queues just to get an appointment, but today the online medium has turned this around and people are now booking appointments online and saving their time. It is a convenient way for customers and more useful for the businesses as appointment scheduling or booking & tracking is a tedious task. There is a chance that you might miss some appointments if they are not recorded.

Let’s see why bookings and appointments are so important for Small Businesses :

  • Easy to track :

Online appointments are extremely easy to track and can be documented, analyzed easily. Just at a click of a button, you are able to see the appointments Log which keeps you prepared for the demand and helps in upscaling the business.

  • Experience Creation :

Convenience is the key in today’s world. People have less time and need things instantly. By offering the convenience of online appointment scheduling or booking, A unique experience can be created which will provide them with a competitive advantage in their market.

  • Increases Reach :

Online presence is what every company is looking to have these days. Being digitally inclined is the need of the hour for all. Online appointment booking is a plus for any business. It is convenient and it increases the reach due to the ease provided to the customers. These in-turns help businesses grow and generate business organically.

  • Preference of the Youth :

The Internet has become essential in the life of today’s youth. Most e-commerce buying and booking of appointments are done by the youngsters, who are very well versed with the process. Today’s youth prefer to have everything at their fingertips, so this is an extremely vital demographic to be considered by any business. Keeping the youth happy is like winning half the battle.

  • Reduces workload on Staff :

The load on the staff is hugely reduced once bookings and appointment are scheduled online. Even when the office is closed, appointment scheduling is possible and thus a business does not lose out on prospect customers due to non-availability of staff.


Nearly 50-60% of people book their appointments for services online, it has increased multifold in recent years. If we look at doctor’s appointments or plumbing services, bookings there have increased by almost 10-20% rate in recent years. According to some researches, the appointments are booked after working hours and so even when the staff is not available, appointments get registered.

There are Service providers like deAzzle that make it easy to schedule and book appointments for your services at no cost. It provides you with timely reports and analysis regarding various aspects of your business. In addition to this deAzzle offers a plethora of other services like payment gateways, invoicing, etc which help small businesses immensely.

There can be many such benefits that can be listed but the important point is that online appointment booking or scheduling is of utmost importance to all the small businesses in generating more revenue, and creating a great experience for the customers and benefitting small businesses.

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