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Benefits of taking your small business (SMB) Online

What is it that drives any small businesses to take their brick and mortar business online? If there is a new business taking shape, its first steps are taken on the digital platform before it opens its physical store in any part of the country. Why? What makes them think of giving an online face to their businesses?

Well, there are unlimited questions that can be thrown on equivalent to the above, but the answers are specific and crisp. Of course, there are benefits of taking their business on the online platform. Going by the norms, there is a lot that has been said about the risk but the benefits that an online platform brings to you and your business makes it worth taking all those risks.

Following are the benefits of taking your business — be it e-commerce, B2B or service providing company online:

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1. Stay Online 24/7

Grocery and restaurants have started to serve its customers 24/7, how? All because of the online presence. The Internet has made it easy and quick for both the customers and service providers. Customers are easily able to fetch for the services or products at any time of the day while the service providers earn benefits with the availability.

An offline business which can lead to generating links and contacts along with making pretty business, the online business makes it easy to follow up and hold your customers for a longer run.

2. Connect with the Customer easily

What is that one thing customers always fetch for while purchasing or investing in any services, goods, or products? Customer Support! And a great after sale service! But a very few companies realize that. Taking your business online will make it easy for you to deal with customer queries and answer them more quickly. There are specifically three stages where the customers need help:

– Queries before buying or investing in your services

– Fetching for the alternatives and thorough research about the purchase

– Solving any issue that exists in the product purchased

Taking your business, especially SMB online, will make it easy for you to manage your company and give your company a customer thumbs up.

3. Making and Receiving Online Payments:

One of the major issues resolved while taking your business online is the ease of making money. Now you know when the world is going cashless, you cannot always rely on the physical money. There has to be a gateway for the online transaction which not only makes the payment quick but easier and smoother. You receive payment instantly.

Sharing and receiving invoices is much easier. ‘Instantly Easy’ is the mantra for the small businesses in India today. They do not want to spend their time preparing an invoice again and again. Saving time and making things happen quickly, is the need of the hour. Also, SAVE PAPER SAVE TREES, the Environment Factor!

4. Improving Your Company Image

Well, looking at the market graph, this is should be the sole reason to bring your business to the digital platform. All that matters in today’s business portal are the image. How drastically the image of any company can change bringing your offline business an impactful website presence. Your online presence will make you lose business to competitors that do have an effective online presence.

5. Know Customer purchase behavior

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Basics of business management always teaches its students that knowing taste and preferences of the customer is important. Ever wondered why?

How do you think websites like Facebook reminds you of your products left in the cart? Or send you related images of the products you were looking for a couple of hours ago? Or even shows sites similar to those you’ve hopped into!

Well Well Well, having your micro business in India or rather anywhere across globe makes it easier to remind and persuade your potential customers to complete the purchase and convert them into actual customers helping your business grow.

6. Work from Anywhere

Most of the business startups are taking their first step into the business Industry with an impactful website. This makes them, their presence and objectives more impactful. Taking your business online, gives you the ability to have freedom so you can live and work from anywhere you want; you’re not stuck to a physical location. The world has gotten small and you can take advantage of this. A Global Village!

Who would not want to work without any stress? Definitely one needs a proper environment to work, but that can eventually be created and adapted to. Therefore, the smoother the environment the better the quality of work. Freelancing jobs all over the world are making it easier and flexible for the companies and job takers as well.

7. Reduce Operation Costs

Just one single task can make a significant difference in cost savings. For example, when you receive orders online that initially reduces the need for customer service staff. With comprehensive sales and product information that is available online, you’ll simply receive a notification regarding the purchase orders and payments via email or into your database. Staff numbers can be reduced, which will reduce the cost spent in the company on a monthly basis and eventually yearly, thus saving office, space and related office expenses.

These were the basic yet significant pointers as to why the Small business in India is moving towards an online platform or rather taking their first step with the digital world. When the world is available online, visiting such space would anyways be beneficial and profitable to the company which is the Magic mantra for any Business.

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