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Cash Management Strategies for small businesses in india

Entrepreneurship, Start-ups, or Small Businesses — call it anything but they are the ones that suffer the most talk-backs yet must be struggling through their set up from the very beginning until being successful. There is no wrong in saying that after being successful or reaching a point which one calls success, has its own challenges, however, in the beginning, the challenges are thrown to you from up, down, right, left, center, back, and each and every side you can ever imagine, even diagonally!

Cash management is one priority that has been checked, noted, and followed without fail. Now, speaking of SMBs, they have their own challenges when they keep their first step into the market. From making the face of the company to facing the competitions. The one thing that suffers the most is cash management.

The mistake isn’t yours. It is just that several times when you are setting up your company/business, you often tend to forget to make a check on the accounts and you eventually forget to keep a track of the same. In this time of technology-driven businesses, the technology has provided us with the gift of INTERNET, this allows us to do anything and everything.

Therefore, below are some of the tips and tricks one can check and manage daily cash payment, that will help in the growth of your business and also, in sorting your life a tad-bit:

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1. Keep a Checklist:

When it comes to the daily payment, you must have a checklist maintained. Two most important things that you must include is from where the money you are going to receive, and the other the money you need to give to the vendors, or customers, or salespersons, or employees. This very basic worklist will allow you to at least have the perfect and complete idea of the money cycle and let you manage them more appropriately.

There are a number of ways you can do that, one of them is using the Google Excel Sheets. This is a freeway plus will allow you to make a checklist and maintain them more accurately.

2. Maintain a Budget Sheet:

Now, budget sheet maintenance helps you keep a track of your spending alone. Why do you need to maintain a budget sheet for daily cash payment, you may ask. Well, to be specific and clear — maintaining a balanced budget sheet allows you to control your speeding and make the cash payments easily. You are most likely to clear your bills within the budget and also save.

3. Manage your Investments:

As we said, maintain a budget sheet so that you plan your spending’s. Now speaking about the investments, Every business needs to have some kind of investments. And this does not refrain to the beginning but several times in the on-going process. There are a number of online processes which allows you to keep a check on investments.

4. Save a small amount every month:

What is the need to save? Well, in order to maintain a healthy and successful business, you need to save. This safety is not just for personal emergencies but for the crisis management times when you need to have a small amount of money in order to crack some quote.

There are a number of apps online available that will let you maintain a cash payment sheet along with it your expenses and savings too.

5. Don’t jump on the PROFIT-MAKING output:

This might be running into your mind as soon as you start your business. Well, this isn’t anything wrong if you think so. However, this is a very general statement that every businessman things about the profit even before they start to begin their ideas. Every receivable amount that flows into your business does not make it a sure shot that your business is running in profit and you have a grip on the cash. NO. The basic concept of businesses states that profit equals to the receivables minus the expenses.

There are a lot of times that people forget that they have not just got into a business, you need to focus on every penny you make and every penny you spend. A smart businessman will always make sure that when you are running a business, you have to not just be aware of the cash flow especially the payments that are coming– which you receive but also be aware of how things are taking a shape when you put that into your business.

6. Gather Data, Make Short Goals:

It is very important that you not just make your business profitable but know how to increase your business and every possible way that leads to the growth of your company. Supposedly, you must be aware of the loss your company suffered, likewise, it is about profit, not just because it will be affecting the cash flow but also because you will be able to see into the future and plan according to the market trends.

You must be able to set yourself goals and gather the relevant data, which will help you do the same.

These were the basic yet the most essential tricks that one must be aware of while beginning up your business or even should alter the changes according to their needs. Now, there are online applications and tools available which are both paid and free.

If you are worried about the online tools being too compact or too frigid — these apps are user-friendly and overall lessens your burden too. Hence, follow the above mentioned business tips and you will find the difference you are making in while you are spending so much time.

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