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deAzzle puts ‘Digital’ into your business and takes the closing hours out of it. In just a few steps, it allows you to register on the platform and add your own business, choosing from a wide range of business types. All it takes are valid mobile and email contact details to activate a business from any location across India. Every business is allowed to add brief descriptions, range of products and services, prices, and activities – which means that critical information related to a particular business is available to the entire

deAzzle community round the clock from any location. Additionally, the platform allows customers to view details to contact the business owners directly. An integrated map ensures that physically navigating to the business is never a hassle.

Secure Payments & Invoices

With the Quick Pay feature, customers can bid goodbye to their woes of carrying change. The platform provides easy to use electronic payment mechanisms. Every time a customer wants to make a payment, he/ she needs to look up the business using its mobile number. Following a set of guided on-screen instructions, payments are triggered from the linked customer account to the target business account. Transfer of funds happens through the United Payments Interface framework set up by the RBI. Not only does this ensure bank grade security of the financial transaction but also executes it real time.

Broadcast Offers & Discounts

Marketing a business is never going to be the same again, with deAzzle’s broadcast feature. Businesses have 24×7 access to a diverse cross-section of customers across locations. It is now possible to think of innovative product and service schemes/ discounts and promote it to the customer base through a few clicks. Other than sending out bulk promotions, the platform also allows businesses to respond to individual queries and provide personalized offers and discounts. It is up for the business owner to choose the mode – deAzzle executes the rest.

Appointments & Subscriptions

Customers can now book appointments or send subscription requests remotely. All the data are stored on deAzzle’s cloud which means that the business owner need not worry about maintaining any paper based records. He/ she just has to log into the platform and view a log of upcoming appointment requests. This allows for an owner to prepare for the customer visit even before it actually happens. On the customer’s part, there is no wait time and assured product/ service delivery. In order to more efficiently manage the business, the owner can also use the feature to directly communicate with the customer online and request for a reschedule.

Business Reports on Mobile

It is well understood that any business runs on reports. Which is why deAzzle provides ‘smart’ reports. These reports span various business activities and help the owners in smoothly running the business. Other than providing insights into sales, appointments, payments and customer details, the platform helps owners in visualizing their business better through various Business Intelligence trends and charts. All of these are available around the clock, irrespective of location.

Send Receipts

At the close of a successful business transaction, it is important that invoices and receipts be sent. This is given a paradigm shift through the introduction of electronic receipts that business owners can send their customers in real time. As these documents are system generated in lieu of payments received and goods/ services exchanged, any chance of data manipulation is ruled out. This helps a great deal in the case of future clarifications or disputes if any. All such electronic receipts are stored for both the business owner and the customer in their respective logins on the platform.