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Have your Customers pay you with BHIM

Have your Customers pay you with BHIM

Our latest release enables a small and micro businesses to receive payments from their customers using the Unified Payment Interface. With deAzzle you can give your customers the convenience of paying with multiple payment options including pay using BHIM, PhonePe or with a credit card. If your customer chooses to pay with deAzzle, this eliminates the need for your customers to have your UPI payment address in order to pay you. Money is settled directly and instantly to your bank account.

We’ll show you how to set it up and begin accepting payments instantly.

If you’ve registered and setup your business on deAzzle, switch over to your Business Settings > Payment.

Edit your Business Payment Method to add your UPI Address.

Once there, pick “Add Payment Method” and select “UPI Address”. Now save the UPI Address (also known as Payee address). The UPI address you enter should be linked directly to the bank account where you intend to receive money.

Now that you’re ready, the next few steps will help you collect a payment. If your customer has deAzzle, you can send them a bill by clicking on their contact in your App and selecting “Collect Payment”. Fill out the details of the services you’ve delivered and send the bill. Your customer will be notified of the new payment request.

Have your Customers pay you through their BHIM or PhonePe App or by Debit /Credit Card.

On responding the notification inside deAzzle, she’s given all the payment options that you support including pay with “UPI App” if she has an Android smartphone. On selecting “UPI App”, she’s asked to choose the UPI App she would like to pay with. She is then taking to the UPI App to complete the payment and on successfully completing the payment, her payment request inside the deAzzle app is marked as successful. You’ll also be notified by deAzzle of the status of the payment, and subsequently by your bank on receiving the money.

We’ve found paying using this method to be convenient, easy and transparent. There are limitations that we would like you to be aware of. Your customer must have BHIM, PhonePe installed with her UPI ready for payment. Also, this will only work for your customer on Android. It will not work on iOS or if your customer has not downloaded and registered deAzzle.

We hope you’ll try this method out and share your feedback.

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