How to start generating New Business on deAzzle - deAzzle

How to start generating New Business on deAzzle

How to start generating New Business on deAzzle

deAzzle helps you engage your customers profitably to drive more business. Generating business is really easy on our platform. This post guides you through the simple steps needed to generate new business on deAzzle.

1) Book an Appointment

On the ‘Home’ tab in the initial screen, you would find all your contacts/ customers listed. Click on the yellow icon at the right bottom corner on the business home screen. In the ‘ACTIONS’ area on the screen, you can spot the interactions you can carry out. Click on the ‘Book Appointment for’ block to proceed.

After that, ‘Add appointment’ screen opens. Fill the name, number and email of the customer on the screen. If you want to modify any of the attributes, you may do so over here and click ‘Next’ at screen’s bottom.

Once done, proceed to the subsequent screen where you can choose the employee who would cater to your customer from the drop-down list. Clicking next would navigate you to the summary screen where you can counter-check all the information provided earlier.

If you are satisfied with the info displayed, click on ‘Book Appointment’.

2) Taking the Subscription

Clicking on the yellow icon will direct you to the initial screen from where you had booked the appointment. Click on ‘Take Subscription For’ block for taking subscriptions on behalf of the customer.

On the following screen, you need to provide the customer info along with ordered quantity.

Browse down to click on the field next to ‘Repeat’ for selecting subscription frequency. Once every detail is filled, click on ‘Book Subscription’.

3) Sending Out Offers to your Customers

If you want to notify your customers about offers and discounts, you can do so through ‘Send out an offer’ block from ‘Interactions you can do’ screen.

In the ‘Send out an offer’ page, enter the offer information along with your specific message. You can also upload an image by clicking on the ‘Attach Image’ placeholder. Once you have completed, click ‘Next’.

Click on Next and you arrive at the final screen wherein you can crosscheck the offer information. If you are satisfied with the same, click on ‘Broadcast’.

Now, you are all set to generate business in hordes on deAzzle. Try it now and rake in profits easily.

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