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Increasing Customer Engagement Using Online Business Tools

Increasing Customer Engagement Using Online Business Tools

Your business becomes self-sustaining when revenue and profit streams become consistent. To achieve this, you need to engage with your customers in a mutually beneficial manner which is determined significantly by the ease of doing business online as facilitated by you. Relevant tools available handily can greatly improve your interaction with customers.

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Importance of Online Business Tools

We can draw a simple analogy with industrial automation to understand how online business tools can make an impact. Earlier, industry customers had to follow a tedious paper-based and blue-collar route for placing orders and tracking the shipment. The time involved was too much, and crucial activities often suffered. With automation-driven processes, orders can be placed on the go. Status of orders can be checked in real time without relying on manual feedback.

The same holds true for Pune businesses. Today’s economy is essentially internet-driven. So if you want your venture to flourish, you will have to grow your business online and engage your prospects with innovative tools.

How to Leverage Online Business Tools to Optimally Engage Your Customers?

Customers today seek services on the go without wanting to physically follow up with you. This can be accomplished easily with online business tools.

Placing orders

With an online app, customers can book appointments or submit subscription requests online. Since everything is maintained on the cloud, they won’t have to deal with any paper documents. As a business owner, you can get a holistic view of upcoming appointment requests just by logging into an online platform. Customers need not wait as deliveries would be on time. If you face a problem, you can directly communicate with the customer online and request to reschedule.

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Easy payments

Another aspect which would endear you to customers is the integration of various payment options like UPI, debit and credit cards, e-wallets, cash and POS on the online app interface. Customers can avail of the desiredonline payment gateway option to pay for the services availed.

Receipt generation and business strategy formulation

All receipts can be generated in a paperless mode through an app and can be sent to customers via SMS. You can prioritise, track, and remain prepared to deliver higher business volumes by browsing through subscription logs. Further, you can judge the loyalty of customers by gaining insight into sales pattern whenever you want. This can help you devise strategies to serve Pune businesses better following which they will resort to doing digital business with you. Tamper-proof electronic receipts can be issued to customers in real time.

Empowering customers

To facilitate customers to make informed and conscious decisions you can add brief descriptions for products and services online which would be accessible to the entire buyer community round the clock from any location. Online platform also allows customers to view your details so that they can connect with you directly. An integrated map ensures that physically navigating to your business is never a hassle.

Broadcasting offers

Another great online customer engagement tool is the broadcast feature present in business applications. Your business would have 24×7 access to a diverse cross-section of customers across locations to whom you can broadcast innovative products, service schemes and discounts. You can respond to individual queries and provide personalised offers and discounts. You can also manage daily business activities from the comfort of your home and keep your customers happy and engaged.

The deAzzle Solution

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Most online tools come at a premium with recurrent license fees which vendors on shoestring budget find hard to afford. This shortcoming has been addressed by the deAzzle business solution. The Platform has a plethora of business tools, is free, easy to navigate and simple to use. Pune vendors can grow small business or MSMEs confidently by utilising the features provided on the app. deAzzle is a dynamic software with cutting-edge technology that can give your small business the much-needed revenue stimulation in a relatively short time. Try it today!

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