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Marketing tips for growth of small businesses

Marketing is an integral part of any business. Marketing strategies play an extremely vital role in the growth of any business be it small or big. Suitable and perfect marketing strategies make any business build a brand, develop a relationship with customers and be successful. Small points and tips can help you develop your business and scale greater heights.

Marketing makes any business very healthy and capable of achieving success. Simple methods if adopted properly can help save a lot of money too, which in turn can be utilized for the betterment of business, the infrastructure or other requirements

Tips for growth of the small business:

1. Know your customers well :

Customer’s needs are what the market depends on. Knowing your customer is the first step to success. Understanding their requirements, developing products accordingly and delivering them should be the top priority for any business. Knowing who your target audience is and what their buying behavior helps businesses build marketing strategies to capture them and build a loyal customer base that is like a pillar of business growth.

2. Service the ultimate requirement today :

After buying anything what we expect from the manufacturers or service provides is a great experience. This is exactly what today’s customers want. Good service, be it pre or post-sales, it is on top of the priority list of the customers. Businesses should focus on providing excellent service and increase the Customer delight index which helps in retaining the customers, increasing their loyalty and huge word of mouth publicity.

3. Business Solution need of the hour :

Small businesses are mostly unorganized. This leads to huge cash leakages, losses, and problems. There are a few top-notch software or you can say business solutions that can take your worries off and ensure the smooth running of any business. One such game changer is deAzzle, it provides brilliant services like expenses tracker, recording of the incoming and outgoing transaction, tracking of payments & transactions, flexible and extremely secure payment gateways, best payments solutions & mPoS solutions with “Ezetap” and “Mswipe” and many more

4. Marketing Budgets a vital step :

Marketing is the base for the growth of any business. But marketing cannot be done without planning as it can cause major damage. Budgets are extremely important for executing any marketing strategy and activity. Perfect planning of marketing budgets can reap rich rewards and return on investment is huge. The right budget allows the use of right platforms for marketing and thus helps immensely in the growth of any business.

5. Right media mix awareness and brand booster :

Marketing and promotions done on the right media give brilliant returns. Choice of media needs to be wisely done depending on your target audience, target market, demographics, consumer behavior, and trends. There are products and services which require conventional media like newspaper ads, radio ads, outdoor ads, etc for reaching the customers and pulling them towards your brand.

But in today’s world, one media that has grown leaps and bounds is Social media. Social media websites have grown multifold and are extremely popular with highly active people. Social media helps businesses reach to a wider audience and give scope for expanding their business beyond geographical boundaries.

6. Networking the key :

Another thing that is extremely vital and essential for the growth of any business is networking. Unless networking is done chances of expansion and growth of any business are bleak. Getting to know more people and connecting with them help businesses gain references and thus the path of growth becomes easy and fruitful. Organizing networking events through social media can be an extremely attractive proposition; it will help in getting the business community and consumers to connect and in-turn increases the revenue through business generation.

7. A platform for Customer feedback :

“Customer is the king”…. This is a famous saying and it is true in every sense, customers either make or break your business. Customer feedback drives the betterment and helps businesses innovate. A platform for Customers to give their feedback regarding the products and services can help businesses improve the quality and service. Innovation ideas can be ignited through this feedback as customers can be extremely creative and vocal about what they would like in any product or service.

Many more small tips are stepping stone to the success and growth of any business. Being wise, proactive, innovative, etc can be the best solution for growing a business and scaling greater heights. These tips help in connecting with the customers and building a great rapport and a lifelong association too.

Jun 10th , 2019
Ruhi Memon

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