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Challenges faced by an internet service provider, and overcoming them

Challenges faced by an internet service provider (ISP), and overcoming them.

ISPs in India have grown from small businesses with a few clients to large businesses which have other large businesses as their clients. But the increase in the number of clients and the wide availability of the internet comes with its own set of challenges. Increased competition in the field also puts pressure on the ISPs to provide better customer service and better rates. In a country like India, the ISPs are faced with a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to billing and payments.

Here is a list of some of these challenges:

1. Track Leads/Complaints From Customers

No one likes it when the internet is down. The burden is on the ISPs to act fast when they receive a complaint from the customer. Acting on a complaint involves tracking it at each step and following it till the problem is solved. When you are dealing a huge client base, this is not easy to do. But it can be made easier with a software that tracks all the complaints and shows you the status of each of them.

2. Delay in Payment for Services

Unlike other countries, India is still new to online payment and many people prefer to pay for the services in person and as cash.

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But there are too many variables here that lead to delayed payments and sometimes even non-payment of dues. The best way to deal with this is to introduce automated payments and go cashless.

Online payments are easier to track and it is also a cheaper method to collect the payments. You don’t need someone to go door-to-door to make the collections. The payments can be automated and this ensures that they are made on time. You can inform and educate your customers about making online payments and assure them about its safety.

3. Recurring Billing

This is not an one-time service. This is a service that demands recurring billing. But generating these bills every month and processing these bills is by no means an easy task, whether you are a big or a small business. You may need to hire someone just to do this part. Another great option is outsourcing this to another company so that you can focus on the other aspects of the business.

4. Customer Management

ISPs deal with a lot of customers and there is a change in the customer list, the services provided to each customer and even their details sometimes. When the list of customers is small, all of these changes are not that big to deal with.

But as the customer base grows, your customer list will need constant update and this process will be tedious. You also need a system to handle the complaints. And customer care is extremely important in any business. An unhappy customer will have no second thoughts about leaving you and joining your competitor. Hence it is important to opt for an efficient customer management system!

5. Expense Management

Every business has to deal with expense management. This involves both getting payment from customers and making the payments to your supplier.

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Cash flow management is also integral to determining your profits and the future of your company. This involves getting detailed business reports and analysing your incoming and outgoing payments to spot and rectify any anomalies and to come up with a plan to expand your business.

What is the Solution?

There is a simple way to deal with all of the above mentioned challenges and that is the deAzzle Web Smartbiz Solutions. This allows your customers to make payments, it allows you to send receipts, create business reports and keep track of your subscriptions and appointments. In the current “digitizing” mode that is revolutionizing every sector, this solution is everything you need to digitize your business.

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